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I offer promos, music videos, short films, behind-the-scenes coverage, and model shoots to clients both nationally and internationally.  If you need a bespoke film, please do contact me to let me know about your projects and ideas.

FILMING – My equipment kitlist includes DSLR and mirrorless cameras filming full HD and 4K, L-series Canon lenses, microphones, lighting kits, dolly tracks, jibs / cranes, tripods, monopods, gimbals.
EDITING – Currently I edit with Adobe CC 2017 (inc. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop) where films are creatively stylised, graded and polished to perfection.


Over the past few years, I’ve worked with some of the most amazing clients on the most fascinating of projects.  Here is a short showreel showcasing my film work:

Below are a selection of clients and the behind-the-scenes films I made for them:

J’Adore Adorn


Walter’s Wardrobe

Kirsty Mitchell

Adam Bird Photography (feat. Lucy and Lydia Connell)


Walter’s Wardrobe

Bella Kotak

Julia Boggio

Bella Kotak

Emily Hancock

Holland Cooper

Kirsty Mitchell



Kirsty Mitchell