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Gory Horror Photo Shoot for Halloween

‘The Subject’

It was in the back of my mind for some time now, to create a horror photo for Halloween this year.

Just as I was contemplating buying some sort of horror make-up set and attempting it myself, I happened to spot a fantastic short promo film (by my friends at Flashbulb Film) of a rather talented girl, Jessica, from JM Make-up in action (see here … love it!).

I got in contact with Jessica and we immediately began to plan a disgustingly gory photo shoot … for the unexpecting (and brave) Layla-Leigh, who we nicknamed ‘The Subject‘!

Here are some of the final images (I may work on some full-body composites image later too) … and also some equally unpleasant behind-the-scenes!

Final images:

gory halloween horror photo shoot_0001pinimagegory halloween horror photo shoot_0003pinimagegory halloween horror photo shoot_0004pinimage

Behind The Scenes:

gory halloween horror photo shoot_0006pinimagegory halloween horror photo shoot_0008pinimagegory halloween horror photo shoot_0007pinimagegory halloween horror photo shoot_0005pinimage

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