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Magician Promo Photographs for Collin Claus

You may recall I recently posted a similar blog post for magician, Simon Alexander.  Well this time, it’s Collin Claus making a magical appearance!

Collin specialises in visually mind-blowing, street-style magic – his website (and rather impressive showreel) can be found here.

Here are the final images, followed by a behind-the-scenes photo from the cityscape night shot:

Magician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (3)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (7)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (5)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (1)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Simon-Alexander-5pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (2)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (4)pinimageMagician-Promo-Photograph-Collin-Claus (6)pinimage

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