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Retouching Examples, Part 2 of 3

Welcome to part 2 in the series of retouched images from my personal library.  Again, more of an insight into the

Retouching Examples, Part 1 of 3

As the title suggests, this is part 1 of 3 of a HUUUGE series of before-after photo retouches.  So whether it’s a

Recent Publications for Richard Wakefield Photography

Recently, it’s been pointed out by a couple of models I’ve worked with, that some recent sets of photos I

Catalyst Latex Model Photo Shoot

When model Alice asked if I could cover a shoot using a brand new red latex outfit from ‘Catalyst Latex‘, I

Tickled Pink Photo Shoot with Cherwell Fashion

I love shooting for Cherwell Fashion – they always have stong, clear visions for styled shoots, and the shoots

A Workshop Session with Jake Hicks Photography

Anyone that knows me or the style I always head for in photography, knows that it has to include LOTS of colour! 

Corset Product Photos for Clessidra Couture

I love it when a great little team can come together and all work hard towards a final product! In this case, Julia

A Bollywood Fashion Photo Shoot for Mughal Emporium

Once again, another fine outing with model Layla-Leigh and make-up artist Christelle Pellecuer.  And this time, they

Post Apocalyptic Photo Shoot for Manji Meow

Manji Meow and I had been in contact for a while, planning a morning’s shoot in Bristol with a post

Anna and Neil’s Oxford Wedding

Anna and Neil had a gorgeous Oxford wedding at the 12-Century restored Notley Tythe Barn, Aylesbury.   From start to

Model Photo Shoot for Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture

What an amazing opportunity to finally meet the woman behind the famous corsets!  Rosie from Rosie Red Corsetry &

Souls Walk Between What Remains – Photo Shoot

It’s always nice to know that when planned shoots suddenly take a turn for the worse, there’s always a way