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Experimental Portrait Model Shoots with Nataly

Once again I had the delight of Nataly Filvarova and Makeup By Amna visiting my studio, this time for a small range of

When Nikki Loy Visited the Studio

Nikki Loy paid a flying a visit to the studio the other day, en route to gigs … so I simply had to take a few photos

College Reunion Commercial Photo Shoot at Lloyds

A selection of photos from a shoot I recently did for a college reunion … at the most impressive Lloyds building in

Street Photography – What does Fashion mean to you?

A short while back, I had another photography outing for OxStu Newspaper and this time we asked students ‘What does

The Photo Shoot for Someone Who Didn’t Ever Want One

I know someone who has been camera shy her entire life, and who especially would run miles in the opposite direction of

Glittery Model Photo Shoot for Nataly

Last night I really got to utilise my new studio to the max, using various lighting setups, colour gels and

Elegant Photo Shoot with Lauren

Lauren Wheeler came round to talk business and to see the new studio… and of course she couldn’t leave without getting

Fashion and Music Model Photo Shoot for OxStu

The OxStu Fashion team took me on board once more for another fun photo shoot, this time with a theme of fashion and

Studio Model Photo Shoot for Lauren

Last night I squeezed in a test shoot against a white backdrop, this time with the last-minute help of make-up-artist

Band Photography for Stellify, O2 Academy Islington

I’ve been a big fan of Stellify since reuniting with an old friend (and band member), Richard Costello (you may

Fashion and Food Model Photo Shoot for OxStu

I had an amazing opportunity to shoot for OxStu Fashion recently.  The theme was food and fashion, incorporating a vibe

Oxford University Parks Model Photo Shoot

One sunny day last week, a small group of models decided to make the most of the scenic backdrops of Oxford University