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‘Neon Attraction’ Fairground Portraits – Ella

‘Neon Attraction’, part 2 of 3 – a quick series of portraits taken at a pop-up fairground just where

‘Neon Attraction’ Fairground Portraits – Amber

‘Neon Attraction’, part 1 of 3 – a quick series of portraits taken at a pop-up fairground just where

Musician Promo Photos for Kerrie-Anne

Kerrie-Anne has undeniable talent as a singer / songwriter musician and is worth an instant listen right now!  And then

Poppy and Natasha Colour Gel Photoshoot

What a treat to not only have two top models under one roof, but to also have the entire shoot in the amazing place

Behind The Scenes – Profoto – Rossella Vanon Photography

I recently had the opportunity to create an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes film for Profoto, as Rossella Vanon showed off

Dance of the Decadent Dolls – Behind the Scenes with Walter’s Wardrobe (Part 1 of 2)

‘Dance of the Decadent Dolls’ was the theme for attendees of the latest Walter’s Wardrobe event, and

Sun Chasing / Field of Dreams Photoshoot

Mystic Magic Mask (Ashley Pearce) is really such a refreshing and creative young designer, with oodles of talent. When

The Wanderlust Collection, for Rosie Red Corsetry

It’s always such a good time photographing for ‘Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture‘, and this was no

Photo Shoots with the Hair and Makeup School

Huge credit has to be given to Holly Preston whose initial vision of starting a hair and makeup training workshop

Film and Photos for Birmingham Fashion Students

A while back now, I was contacted by two Birmingham fashion students, who were each looking to use my services towards

Kids Fashion Photo Shoot for Catherine Watts

During the end of Catherine Watts‘ fashion degree, I had the opportunity to travel to Manchester to help

Glistening Particles Podcast

When I met the super-cool rapping duo Sammy and Don (aka ‘The Family‘) for their photoshoot, I never could