Styled Shoot

Something I’ve always wanted to do is try out a retro 50’s-esque styled photoshoot … so thanks to Nikki Loy and her partner Chris, I was able to produce something quite special one cold and windy day.

Here are the final images, in no particular order (with a few behind-the-scenes and location shots at the end too)

nikki_chris_photoshoot (1)nikki_chris_photoshoot (4)nikki_chris_photoshoot (10) nikki_chris_photoshoot (3)nikki_chris_photoshoot (6)nikki_chris_photoshoot (13)nikki_chris_photoshoot (2)nikki_chris_photoshoot (5)nikki_chris_photoshoot (9)nikki_chris_photoshoot (7)nikki_chris_photoshoot (11)nikki_chris_photoshoot (14)nikki_chris_photoshoot (12) nikki_chris_photoshoot (8)

And here are some location shots as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes photos:


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