A huge combination of hard work and luck came into play for this shoot with the lovely Rosita.  Large moodboards and big ideas for locations started us off – but as the shoot day drew nearer we were struggling to source the perfect backdrops of log cabins and open farmland.  As if by magic, the locations almost sprang out of thing air; as did the incredible cloudless-sky and sunset.  We worked as quickly as we could before the red sun dropped below the horizon, and we both knew we really had the shots we were after.  Mission done!

Rosita is just unbelievable – her endless efforts put into ideas, coordination, travel, posing … the list goes on.  Seriously impressed!

And a special shoutout to MUA Phoebe Hayter who I was meaning to shoot with pre-pandemic.  This more than made up for it!

Final Images

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