This year I’ve been approached by several schools and colleges, asking if their students can assist as part of their work experience weeks.  I’ve taken a few up on the offer, only with some missing out due to date clashes.

I’ve really appreciated their help on various shoots, and also their kind words about how it gave them some encouragement in their creative career choices.

When student Abby signed up for an entire week with me (poor Abby!), I actually realised it could make an insightful blog entry about how I spend my quite random weeks in this industry.  So here goes!

Day 1 and 2

An early start as Abby and I both headed up to Northampton for a product/model-shoot with a jewellery and accessory company, Molly & Pearl.   With Abby an enthusiast make-up artist herself, it was really nice for her to watch on as MUA Aimée Garner gave a great look to model Jade Lindo.

During Day 2 we worked through many of the images, and I showed Abby my entire image retouch workflow (all the while with my 2nd child looking on…hmm, a future assistant?!).


Day 3

Off to Farnham we drove in the bitterly-cold frosty weather.  But things really brightened up for us as we started filming a web promo for Design by Pelling.  I was of course appreciative of Abby’s helping hand on this one – she held lights; she offered shot ideas; and even pushed me around on a skateboard for some super-smoother gliding shots!

Day 4

Another full day of photo-editing, booking 1:1 training sessions and arranging workshops.  Then off to London to see a pretty amazing show at the O2…


Day 5

I’m getting too old for this, haha!  I got back at 1:30am from London – to then get up at 7am, pick Abby up, and make that epic journey to central London once more.  All good fun!

This was a fantasically-creative photo shoot for a musician called Jai Amore.  Abby assisted in being my test model, reflector-holder, light-mover, behind-the-scenes-photographer!

We can’t wait to post images from this shoot – in the meantime, here’s Abby in the various light setups.



I couldn’t fault Abby at all throughout the week – what a perfect student and assistant!  She was so eager to learn and ask about trade tips/secrets/workflows, and showed such keen and continual interest in helping out.

Look out for upcoming blog entries of all the above shoots!

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