Model Shoot

Anyone that knows me or the style I always head for in photography, knows that it has to include LOTS of colour!  Location shoots especially, I’m always seeking out (or creating) striking colour schemes, with or without the addition of colour gels on my light sources:


When it comes to studio photography, I always dabble with colour gels and 1-4 light-setups with various modifiers.  I felt I knew enough to produce photos I’d be happy with, and always believed that just small changes in my setups might occasionally lead to new and exciting results.

Then I saw Jake Hicks‘ work and the penny dropped.

Jake’s opened up my eyes with regards to how far you can take these colour gels.  It’s ok to mix soft and hard light … it’s ok to use colours opposite ends of the spectrum … it’s ok to be bold … it’s ok to be subtle!  And the best part?  Photos taken with Jake’s setups look INCREDIBLE straight-out-of-camera.

So just a few days ago I bit the bullet and admitted some training would really shake up what I already knew, and help to lead me down a new path with lighting.  I went along to Amersham Studios (really great studio by the way, check it out!), for a 1 day course led by Jake himself.

Within the first hour alone, I knew I had made the right choice to invest in the workshop.  Jake went straight into some explanations of light setups, with a no-holes-barred approach.  I had so many ‘aha!’ moments when Jake would explain sections I simply hadn’t understood properly myself with gels/lights.  No amount of self-research would lead so quickly to invaluable tips, unless you listen to someone like Jake with his years of trial-and-error experience.

Amber Tutton, our model for the day, was just so versatile, patient and professional.  It was literally impossible to take a bad photo of her!

I’m deliberately not going to mention or show the light setups we went for on the day, out of respect to Jake.  Instead I’m simply going to recommend the workshop to anyone interested in enhancing their light/colour knowledge.

Thanks Jake Hicks Photography, Amersham Studios and Amber Tutton – my creative juices are not only flowing, they have gone through the roof!!

My Final Images

I have a large number of amazing images from the day, but just wanted to simply show 3 of my favourites.



During our lunchbreak, Jake offered to take portraits for each of the workshop attendees.  As much as I love being behind a camera, I couldn’t turn down the offer to be infront, knowing Jake would work his magic:


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