Well that was a rollercoaster of a day with ‘The Fuse‘ – 4 top lads in a very well established and popular band, who were after a whole new set of band publicity photos.

We quickly zipped around London, including along the way some location shots at Brompton Cemetery and the Barbican.

It’s already great to see many of the images being used for posters and online marketing, be sure to look out for these guys!

the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (1)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (2)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (3)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (4)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (5)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (6)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (7)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (8)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (9)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (10)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (11)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (12)the-fuse-band-photo-shoot-london (13)

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