I hope you enjoy this 2nd BTS film I created for top lighting company, Profoto.  The first, for Rossella Vanon, can be found here.  This time, we look at Tina Eisen‘s ‘six setups for creative portraits with the Profoto A1’.

The full story can be found on Profoto’s page here: https://profoto.com/uk/profoto-stories/tina-eisen-six-setups-creative-portraits


Photographer + Retoucher: Tina Eisen
Filmmaker + Editor: Richard Wakefield
Model: Danea Panta
Makeup + Hair: Louise Seymour
BTS Stills: Oscar May
Lighting Assistant: Zach Sutton
Makeup Assistant: Louise Lerego
Personal Assistant: Kyle Pearce

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  1. You are not crah-zah Pye 🙂 We switched to the Godox system (AD200 and V860IIC) a few months ago and have been experiencing the misfires/interference issues you mention as well, even in close proximity. We kept thinking we were doing something wrong! Bittersweet to hear we are not the only ones. We”ve noticed more issues with our V860s (misfires and overheating) vs. the AD200s. We now use the AD200s solely for off camera work. Seems to be more reliable and faster recycle times, but a heck of a lot heavier! My shoulders are whooped at the end of a wedding. We will continue to use Godox b/c we are learning to “work with them and frankly are the best bang for the buck at the moment. Being a small studio can”t afford the Profoto setup. Let me know when you want to sell/upgrade yours 😉

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