Styled Shoot

When Daisy Chainsaw (I love this alias name!!) asked for a couple of photos based on a circus doll theme, I jumped at it!  With side-kick Alexander Malyon on board as lighting assistant, it was a fun little shoot, styled so well by Daisy.

And if you scroll down past these first two images, you’ll see what happened next….

circus-doll-model-photo-shoot (3)circus-doll-model-photo-shoot (4)

Alex and I had previously been discussing doll-effect manipulations (as you do!)…and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I posted one picture (below) and it had a crazy-good response!  So much so, that DIYPhotography picked up on it, and wrote to me asking for my step-by-step process.  You can see it here (inc. an animation of the process).

circus-doll-model-photo-shoot (1)circus-doll-model-photo-shoot (2)

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