Imagine working out while simultaneously experiencing dangerous missions in alternate realities. Welcome to ‘AST’ (Apocalypse Survival Training)!!

AST is “… a full cast 3D binaural audio drama in which you are the main character, with the fate of millions depending upon your ability to stay alive. It’s dangerous out there though so you won’t be alone: your handler, personal trainer and cheerleader Skyler acts as your eyes and ears as he guides you through an alien invasion you must not only survive, but also bring to an end.”

When Adele (AST’s creator) first got in touch and told me about her app, I instantly downloaded it and tried it out. I was IMMERSED. I urge you to trial it out – I mean, running, circuits and yoga don’t get more exciting than this! The incredible sound effects and pro voice-acting instantly transport you to another place, as you run and dodge through the firing line, or relax in ancient temples. It is no wonder the original idea had so many Kickstarter backers (almost 500!), and I’m eager to see the app now grow and grow.


The brief was such an exciting one – to create composites of people in half-way transitions between actual reality and the app realities.  You’ll see under each photo (the end result) it’s matching brief.


  1. Do check out the app via it’s website.
  2. Behind the scenes!

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