Styled Shoot

It’s not every day you get to work with such stars!

Elly Mayday has been on a rollercoaster of a journey in the last few years, going to hell and back (see here for more details).  She’s now a constantly sought after sensation, and oozes beauty and confidence.

Georgina Horne is a highly successful fashion and lingerie blogger, with an immense social media following and such an infectious personality!

Both Elly and Georgina modelled so expertly, wearing some of Rosie Red Corsetry’s finest outfits, completely doing them justice as they sat in long grass meadows and bathed in the last of the day’s sunlight.

Lucy Jayne Hair was the final icing on the cake for our dream team, and she provided the girls with some rather fine hair styling!


Elly Mayday: Facebook, Instagram
Georgina Horne: Facebook, Instagram
Rosie Red Corsetry: Facebook, Instagram
Lucy Jayne Hair: Facebook, Instagram

Behind The Scenes:

Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0001

Final Images:

Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0002Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0003Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0004Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0005Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0006Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0007Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0008Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0009Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0010Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0011Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0012Rosie Red Corsetry Duo Shoot_0013

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