Styled Shoot

‘Dance of the Decadent Dolls’ was the theme for attendees of the latest Walter’s Wardrobe event, and once again I had the delight of capturing the day unfolding.

For an extensive write-up (and behind-the-scenes photos), please do check out this excellently-detailed blog entry by Jen Brook, here.

Thanks once again to absolutely everyone involved, and to those brave enough to leave lovely testimonials on the film!!

In Part 2 of 2, I’ll be sharing some images I took from the event.  Meanwhile, be sure to sign up to the next event – Jen has already planned another sensational theme, in an impressive venue!


  • Models: Ivory Flame, Ayla Rose, Jaye Yip and Rebecca Cordell
  • MUAs: Olivia Morewood, Sophie Battersby and Abigail Pulleyn
  • MUA Assistant: Rachel Doig
  • Designer: Rosie Red Corsetry
  • Millinery and Styling Assistant: Donna Graham
  • Giant Flower & Pom Pom Design: Pom Pom Studio UK
  • Giant Boat Design: Tiffany Maksymow & Rob Kirby
  • BTS Photographer: Bentham Imaging
  • BTS Cinematographer: Richard Wakefield

Behind The Scenes Film


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