Model Shoot

What an absolute dream to work with two people who both bring so much to the table!  I’m losing count of my shoot tally with the incredible Shelly D’Inferno, and I hope now to also shoot again with the talented sfx makeup-artist, Kate Griffiths.

The Earth Alien looked both beautiful and disturbing at the same time, and I’m happy that the studio shots ended up being simplistic (black backdrop) in order to fully show the creature off!

Shelly’s artistic posing, and Kate’s creative eye and level of detail to her work – well, it was just such a privilege to be there shooting it all.  Infact, I shot behind the scenes film too – so keep a careful eye out for it in the future!

Final Images

Alternative Grade

As soon as Kate’s creation came to life, I immediately thought of the work of the late, great H.R.Giger.  I hope this alternative colour grade shows you what I mean!

Behind The Scenes

Kate Griffiths making last minute adjustments to Shelly on set:

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