Model Shoot

This was a quick evening photo shoot for an aspiring model called Jordan.  At the last minute his girlfriend Lusy Logan also joined us, which made way for some additional and spontaneous couple shots:

jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (3)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (5)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (7)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (9)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (2)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (10)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (1)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (4)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (6)jordan-raper-lusy-logan-model-photo-shoot (8)



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