Styled Shoot

January 2nd saw myself and others turn up for what was meant to be an all-day amazing shoot – a whole array of models, all styled into a theme of ‘Fauna Woodland’ as part of a Portrait X project.

Just minutes in to the shoot and the heavens opened like no other day over the last few months!  We all hid under a gazebo…then inside a pub….then we admitted defeat and parted our ways until the next exciting shoot.

So these are the only shots I managed to take – thanks to the models and their make-up artists; Raquel Candeias, Natalie Leer, Asta Gost, Natalia Jay, Sarah McIlwain-Bates. And thanks to Sam Akasha Beck for her true talent with organisation and styling.

Portrait-X-Photography-Woodland-Shoot-London (1)Portrait-X-Photography-Woodland-Shoot-London (2)Portrait-X-Photography-Woodland-Shoot-London (3)Portrait-X-Photography-Woodland-Shoot-London (4)Portrait-X-Photography-Woodland-Shoot-London (5)

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