Model Shoot

It’s fair to say I had an idea of a fashion shoot meets ’50ft woman’ idea for quite some time!  When I finally found the right location and day for the shoot, all the elements came together nicely!

These were certainly not the easiest images to work on, but definitely some of the most satisfying.  Model Rayne Swan helped to make the vision come alive, and we really shared the same thoughts on making the shoot more ‘high fashion’/editorial, rather than ‘comical’ (people looking up, cars being crushed etc etc).

Final Images

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  1. Could we see some before shots and a little bit about how you went about shooting these pls? Like, did you shoot the model in the studio first with an idea of what you were going to use as the composite or did you shoot the backgrounds first and then get the model to fit after the fact? Wide angle lens down below shooting up with the model on a box or something? That kind of thing. Great Images btw.

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