When I met the super-cool rapping duo Sammy and Don (aka ‘The Family‘) for their photoshoot, I never could have foreseen what was to happen next.  And in life, random chains of events sometimes just lead to the nicest of surprises.

‘The Family’ were interviewed on a pocast called ‘Glistening Particles‘, and from what I believe, they happened to mention me whilst off-air, to the podcast’s lovable host, Jane.  And from there, she kindly asked if I might like to be featured.

Glistening Particles is all about the ‘extraordinary, seemingly random, highly entertaining beautiful humans’; those people you don’t know but who, once you get chatting to, provide wondrous tales and insights into their lives.   Jane has encapsulated these encounters and developed it into something really special.

I love what Jane does, and what each and every one of her podcasts reveals in people.  The time we had chatting was completely organic (she only had two pre-prepared questions) and was so far from being called an ‘interview’.  Infact, towards the end you’ll hear some ‘off-air’ chat which Jane and I suddenly realised could/should make the end cut.

Feel free to take a listen (via whatever means you have of tuning into podcasts), or hear the episode directly from the site.  We hope you enjoy!

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