In 2017, I saw the remake of ‘IT’ and was in awe of the makeup and prosthetics; the tension and the scares.  This immediately led to me getting in contact with ‘Horrify Me‘ in Kent, to help bring my vision to life – to become Pennywise.  Rick absolutely did the look justice, and I couldn’t have been happier.  The final photos were everything I hoped for, and more!  (See the images and BTS here).

It’s now 2020, and my second dream (to film for Rick) has just come true!  Once again an amazing day and unforgettable experience.  I captured the behind-the-scenes of a 4-witch photo shoot, mainly concentrating on the incredible transformations.  What I loved most was how each make-up artist was only given the rough brief; ‘create a witch’.  To see the unique directions they took the brief in was a joy!

100% get in touch with ‘Horrify Me’ if you want to be transformed and photographed as a zombie, witch, demon, iconic horror character….  He really is the top guy for the job.

Here’s the final film (grab the popcorn, turn off the lights…), and under that will be some film framegrabs, as well as editing images (inc. before-after colour grading).  Do check out the end credits – what a team of talented people!!

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