Styled Shoot

Sam and I were desperate to do another styled shoot after the high we were left on from our previous shoot!

This time she opted for a lolita-fashion look, and we deliberately waited for a low-sun afternoon which we knew would really suit our location.

Being in January, everything in the UK obviously looks a bit dull and flower-less at the moment, so in post-production I had pleasure in experimenting with hues and saturation to really bring in some punch and psychedelia.

We hope you like our shoot, ‘In the Garden of Dragons’:

lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (3)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (1)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (2)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (8)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (6)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (4)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (7)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (9)lolita-fashion-photo-shoot-london-uk (10)

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