Warning: If clowns, scary teeth, blood, or a guy in a dodgy bald cap just aren’t your thing, please click away now.

I’ve been eyeing up the gruesomely-fantastic work of ‘Horrify Me‘ (aka Rick Jones) for a couple of years now.  I mean, there is seemingly nothing this man can’t photograph or create in the vast, endless genre of horror (and all its monsters and victims).  And what I like most about all his shoots, is that he doesn’t just churn them out in a hurry.  Instead he meticulously studies what will work in terms of lighting, materials, poses, props.  Seriously, just click on his site (again, it comes with a clear warning) to see what I mean.

I guess some people don’t know this about me, but I’ve LOVED horrors since a young age.  I remember being obsessed by ‘that’ transformation scene in ‘An American Werewolf in London’, the delivery of shots (and screams) in the 1974 version of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, the paranormal activity in ‘Poltergeist’ (1982).  I’d sit for hours and watch behind-the-scenes on repeat (Rick Baker’s mask creations were a favourite), as well as buying instructional magazines on how to best work with liquid latex, foam latex, and blood recipes.

Many agree there are countless formulaic horror films out now, but I genuinely felt the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ was in a league of its own, hitting all the right notes, attacking the genre in the ‘right’ way.  I was an instant fan.  Within a couple of weeks of seeing it, I got in touch with ‘Horrify Me’ to see what we could do, to celebrate and recognise such a film/book.

Behind The Scenes

It’s fair to say I worked hard on sourcing everything I felt we needed for this shoot, to help sell the look.  It took a month to receive a custom-made Pennywise outfit from China.  I investigated bald caps of varying thicknesses, wigs of the right colour, the sharpest teeth on the market.  I found what I thought to be just the right strength of hair wax to make that wig stand on end.

When I arrived at Horrify Me HQ, Rick and I instantly bonded over our love of the genre, and after a fantastic chat and a welcome cuppa, we got to work.  Rick excitedly shared with me some of his thoughts on how to achieve the ‘cracked’ effect on the head (over the bald cap), as well as creating (on the spot) some impressive, goofy front teeth.  He also found an even better way to get the darned wig to do what we wanted it to do (turns out the hair wax wasnt’ quite doing the job!).  It’s this level of detail and perfectionism that I love in Rick.  He doesn’t stop until he feels we’ve nailed the look.

Final Images

In no particular order, Rick and I present … ‘IT’.  #sorrynotsorry

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