After many years of painstaking creating and endless hours of work, Kirsty Mitchell has finally completed the iconic Wonderland set, in her mother’s memory (who sadly passed away in 2008).

Many (if not all) fans have been itching to see the images in print, side by side, in all their colourful, intricate glory.

Kirsty doesn’t make things easy on herself … she’s worked day and night for months on end, to set the wheels in motion to self-publish and design the Wonderland book.  With help from British book designer Stuart Smith, she has mocked up 3 different book types (standard, limited and collector’s edition) and officially announced it on Kickstarter less than 24 hours ago.

Together with the Kickstarter film* that I helped Kirsty make, a bronze key addition by Derek Bayley, 300,00+ dedicated fans, and lots of love and dedication in each page design by Kirsty…. well, we can all easily understand how Wonderland is ALREADY the 2nd most funded book in Kickstarter’s history.  In under a day, it’s smashed it’s pledge target and continues to rise over £100,000.  And after so many years of hard work (together with make-up help from Elbie Van Eeden), complete originality, and a whole range of images that have burned on our retinas forever,  Kirsty is easily the most deserving person for all of this.

Please do watch the film on the Kickstarter page, become immersed in the story and background, see the book options, and pledge generously 🙂

(* My previous films for Wonderland were produced under my other alias ‘FX Media’ – you can see them here)

Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland Kickstarter Book

Team photos inc. Kirsty, Matt (her husband), Brana Toka (model), Elbie Van Eeden (MUA), and myself:


kirsty mitchell wonderland gallery launch

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