Styled Shoot

Shelly D’Inferno fell in love with ‘Kittypocalypse’ (a post-apocalyptic vehicle, created and modified by the incredible Attitude Autos) during our Road-To-Ruin shoot.  It’s not difficult to see why!

But what I most love about Shelly is that she went away and created (from scratch), an outfit to totally complement the ‘Hello Kitty’/pink/post-apoc theme!  I then added to it even more by using pink gels in the lighting, and a pink/yellow/blue colour scheme in the final grade.

Shot on location at one of my favourite places, Road To Ruin.

Magazine Feature

What an honour to make front cover feature on Jan 1st 2019, with magazine, Cosplay Realm!  Shelly, John (Attitude Autos) and myself were all interviewed about both this shoot, and the previous Road-To-Ruin shoot.  Buy your copy here.

Final Images


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