Model Shoot

Lauren’s a rare find and I’m so pleased to have met her.  She’s both a talented professional make-up artist (check out her site here), and now it seems a natural at modelling too!  This for her is a winning formula as it’s also a great opportunity to show off her Arbonne products and make-up skills.

2 previous shoots I’ve had with her can be found here and here.

On this particular shoot we collaborated with location scouting and clothing choices.  And hats off to Lauren for braving the cold water on a very average british day – although she still likes to convince me ‘it wasn’t that cold’…

lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (3)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (21)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (11)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (7)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (12)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (15)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (17)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (4)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (9)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (13)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (18)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (5)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (19)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (23)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (14)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (1)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (20)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (16)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (6)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (22)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (2)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (8)lauren-swimwear-model-photo-shoot-oxford (10)

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