It must have been about 7 years ago now that Simon Alexander approached me after his magic act, during a wedding that I was filming.  He told me he really liked the style in which I filmed, and wanted to know if I might be interested in making a promotional showreel of his tricks.  Of course I said yes!

That first go at producing a promo infact led to the birth of my corporate filming sideline, FX Media.

Many years on and I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve worked together.  We’ve succesfully pulled off two surprise wedding proposals, a couple of showreels, live performance recordings, and a magic tricks tutorial DVD!

Simon still wows audiences with his magical talent and charm; at weddings, events, shows and parties.  Do check his site for more details … I was certainly confident enough to book him for my sister’s wedding!

Our latest venture resulted in me capturing Simon in a series of promo photos, all in and around the London Tower Bridge area.

Here are just a selection, with behind-the-scenes towards the end:



A quick-snap behind-the-scenes (with fellow magician Collin Claus on light-stand duties), followed by two before-after retouching images:




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