‘Mavoose’ is an exciting new site, primarily selling a first-of-its-kind mens swim shorts with 100% waterproof pocket.  Nearly all of us guys at one point or another (whether you’re at a beach, pool party, lake, etc) have felt the frustration of having to hide valuables like phones, money and keys, when we’re out for a swim and there’s no-one else to help out.  These swim shorts provide the much needed solution, by utilising the strongest type of permanent magnets and super-strong, durable, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) strips.  An all-round massive win!

For this shoot, a big bank of social media content was requested, and so I set about using the few hours swapping between photography and cinematography.  Our amazing 3 models for the afternoon made it all a pleasure to quickly and easily switch between the scenes.

Check out Mavoose and its products here.


Film Framegrab (Before + After Grading)

Mavoose Website

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