My wife, child and I moved to Witney a year ago, and how fortunate we felt to have a childrens park in the field behind our house.

Then we found out about a 3 year project to fund a bigger, better park to replace the existing one.  The second we saw the plans for the new ‘Splash Park‘ we jumped onboard to contribute finanically, and to offer a photographic record throughout its construction.

Claire Swan (Facilities Manager, Witney Council) has been the main person to thank for seeing the whole idea from start to finish (funding facebook page here), and she’s been a pleasure to photograph for.  Your vision has far exceeded what Witney probably ever imagined, Claire.  On its first public day (today), I can see approx 150 children playing in and enjoying the park to the max.

So here are a whole series of images that I’ve taken over the last few weeks; from the initial cement-pouring and soil-digging, through to the park’s features being added, and finally to the official launch day (inc. an opening speech by Witney’s Mayor, as well as a cheque for £24,700.95 awarded to the council):

Witney Splash Park Photos_0001Witney Splash Park Photos_0002Witney Splash Park Photos_0003Witney Splash Park Photos_0004Witney Splash Park Photos_0005Witney Splash Park Photos_0006Witney Splash Park Photos_0007Witney Splash Park Photos_0008Witney Splash Park Photos_0009Witney Splash Park Photos_0010Witney Splash Park Photos_0011Witney Splash Park Photos_0012

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  1. Great pictures, that really show off the Splash Park for the great asset it is! Well done to everybody involved in making this happen! PS. Can I order a copy of any of these prints?

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