Recently I was asked to photograph exclusive 5+ Star Resorts in countries all round the world, and first on my stop was Saudi Arabia.

I used long exposures, as well as off-camera-flash techniques, and creatively concentrated on aspects like symmetry, lines and colour schemes.

The level of detail and retouching in the final full-res images is something I’ve worked hard on, so I can’t wait to see these in print:


Here is a small selection of the final images, and in no particular order of resort (of which I visited a few). (If you’d like property/company photography, please do get in touch via the contact page).

Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (1)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (2)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (3)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (4)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (5)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (6)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (7)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (8)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (9)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (10)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (13)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (14)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (15)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (16)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (17)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (18)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (19)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (20)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (21)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (22)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (23)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (24)Saudi_Arabia_Commercial_Photography (25)

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