With almost every image I’ve made remaining in digital format, I really pushed myself to get some of my favourite shoots transferred into print format.  And to say I’m happy with the final brochures and the vibrancy and finish on each page, is most certainly an understatement.

Whilst my plan is to send these out to select places, I also thought it would be nice to allow others to at least download a web-resolution version.  Please click on the image below, then ‘download > direct download’ at the top of the Dropbox page … then view at 100% in any PDF viewer:


The brochure of course credits major clients, but I wanted to write this blog post to make sure each and every contributer was mentioned and thanked (in order or appearance).  Here goes!

Courtney Higgs, Jodi Lakin, Becky Golder, Kerrie-Anne, Mike King, Natasha Chick, Layla-Leigh, Galixeon, Katie Miller, Natasha Kalashnikova, Amber Joy, Ella Newport, Patrycja Chuchro, Poppy Haskell, Augusta Townley, Victoria Coutts, Scarlett Luxe, Nicky Phillips, Jai Amore, The Family, Rebecca Cordell, Kamila Nowak, Jessica Megan, Amy Metcalf, Samantha Beck, Marcus Godfrey

Lucy Jayne, Abi Pulleyn, Elle Binks-Swain, Christelle Pellecuer, Brothers Salon, Sophie Battersby, Pierangela Manzetti, Gwen Reece, Olivia Moreweood, Holly Preston

Mishi May, Donna Graham, Mystic Magic Mask, Holland Cooper, Melody Gabbott, Tapt, Dazzled Designs Latex, Rosie Red Corsetry, Immy H Millinery, Maria Mirage

Holly Brooker, Walter’s Wardrobe / Jen Brook, Tia Oguri

Printed Brochure Images

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