What a memorable day, teaching down in Exmouth to a full house and a lovely, enthusiastic crowd.

I covered a vast number of topics (from filming to photography to lighting to retouching to clients/jobs – phew!), as well as setting up a handful of lighting setups for people to come up and interact with.  In these setups I started with the basics (1 speedlight / high key), but then moved on to using gobos, setting up basic and advanced beauty portraits, and ending with colour gel work (with a gentle nod to Jake Hicks, and an exclusive discount to his gel packs).

There are so many heartfelt thanks to give, but the main ones have to go to organiser Ian Bateman, our perfect and hardworking model Amie-Jayne Boulton, Fotospeed (who kindly exhibited my prints on their paper types), and of course to all catering staff and attendees of Exmouth Photo Group.  I felt most welcomed, and looked after!

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  1. Typical of you to book such a fab model for the workshop. With you having such an attention to detail. Top Job as always

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