Model Shoot

Here’s a recent portrait shoot for Jasmine, a lovely girl from Oxford who was looking for some studio shots with a high-end finish.  That was of course helped by calling upon my good friend and MUA, Lauren Wheeler.

Lauren was able to snap a quick ‘before’ picture on her phone, so I’m grateful to be able to do this comparison of Jasmine:

Portrait Shoot in Oxford Studio

Here are the final images (+ behind-the-scenes make-up), in no particular order (and do get in contact if you fancy a portrait or fashion shoot – details on this page):

jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (5)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (2)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (3)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (6)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (1)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (4)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot (7)

Some behind-the-scenes images of Lauren hard at work:

jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot-behind-the-scenes-900px (1)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot-behind-the-scenes-900px (3)jasmine-portrait-photo-shoot-behind-the-scenes-900px (2)

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