Yesterday’s photography workshop was an absolute blast!  With a post-apocalyptic theme (think of ‘Mad Max’ but with British weather!), in a setting straight from a film set, all our models, vehicles, props and scenes looked unbelievable.

Original Workshop Flyer

I watched on as our photographer attendees shot hundreds of amazing images, and I helped with lighting and scene-setup ideas.

I just had a personal aim to take some BTS photos (see the end of this blog post), but predictably I knew I couldn’t help myself in joining the attendees and taking some ‘proper’ photos too!

I’m very much looking forward to this workshop happening again, so do get in contact if you’d like to join us!

THANKS to all involved – such creativity and hard work from absoutely everyone.

Credits (IG): @roadtoruinofficialuk, @attitude_autos, @kaosady, @nitr0gene, @cariadcelis, @chrisvengeancefx, @dreadskinsstudio

Final Images

Behind The Scenes

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