Model Shoot

Evie (Evangeline Green) is so very talented – in the time I’ve known her, I’ve seen her perform contortionist, aerial silks and aerial hoop skills – all flawlessly.  Just watching her is mesmerising and inspirational – not that you’ll ever see me attempt what Evie does!!

Her brand new website is on the way, and she needed some promo photos to really show off her amazingness.  As soon as her site is up and running, I’ll be sure to let everyone know on my Facebook business page.

So with Pierangela Manzetti working her usual magic on make-up and hair-styling, and Soho Farmhouse (Chipping Norton) providing a perfect setting (and high-beam!), I knew it was all going to work out so nicely.

Keep scrolling to see and read about the Behind The Scenes:

Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (5)

Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (8)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (9)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (10)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (17)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (11)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (6)
Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (13)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (14)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (12)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (15)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (7)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (16)Behind The Scenes

Techy bit: Colour gels were always going to play an important role in the look I was after – something punchy and vibrant.  A smoke machine added depth and atmosphere.  And for some of my shots, I placed the edge of a glass from the bar against my lens to add in some insane fire-light-trail effects… check them out, those are straight-out-of-camera!

Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (2)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (3)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (1)Aerial-Skills-Evangeline-Green-Model-Photo-Shoot (4)

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