Styled Shoot

Back in April of this year, my jaw hit the floor when Faith (Life Out There Blog) introduced me to John Bitmead and his vehicles, aka Attitude Autos.  (See the blog entry here)

So guess how long it took for me to react when I discovered his love of all things Post Apocalypse had led him to build an ENTIRE MAD MAX-ESQUE VILLAGE?!  That’s right …. 0 seconds.  I was instantly and frantically messaging Louise Allcock and John to arrange a site visit, and then of course a photo shoot!

I knew I would never be satisfied just carrying out a ‘one-model’ shoot.  A village calls for an entire set of people.  It had to be people who totally understood the theme, setting, outfits, props and weapons.  And how about topping it off with the lovable, multi-talented Shelly D’Inferno (who I’ve shot with time and time again).

I’m extremely happy with how everything came out.  Everyone worked professionally, and super hard.  I for one forgot to eat and drink the whole day, and went home a little light-headed, haha!

I can’t thank everyone enough, who contributed and modelled.  Such a stellar job.  And a special mention to Dust Monkey Apparel who very kindly gave up time to create Lauren a jacket (and you can also see some of his other creations worn by other players).

For those interested, you MUST check out the upcoming Road To Ruin festival, and book your tickets right now – see here.

BTS Film

A MASSIVE heartfelt thankyou to Bradley (The.Content.Creators) and Stan (Collide With The Sky Drones), who between them supplied me with the most brilliant footage, which I found such a breeze to put together.  The film really works well with the final photos, and that’s why I made the decision to show it first in this blog entry.  I hope you like it!

Credits (Instagram)

Photography + Film Edit: @RICHARDWAKEFIELD
Additional Outfits: @DUSTMONKEYAPPAREL

Final Images

Behind The Scenes Photos (Part 1)

I always try my hardest to squeeze in a few BTS photos during shoots .. and I wasn’t let down, because here we have Brad, Stan and Theo (film crew) hard at work, along with a memorable team shot (in a cage of course?!)!

Behind The Scenes Photos (Part 2)

How lucky am I that Brad not only filmed the day, he slyly shot BTS photos too!  AMAZING! Thank you Brad – I love them!!


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