Styled Shoot

I love it when Pale Rose MUA (Elle Binks-Swain) tells me she has a creative idea for a shoot!  She’s one of those rare people I can completely trust to come up with something so magical.  Her attention to detail is borderline OCD (one of the reasons we get on so well then, haha!).

Elle had shown me some skull-doll images online (created by @sideshow_doll, painted by @xhanthi), and so during the couple of days that she conjured up the headpiece and prosthetics, I got to work thinking of how I’d steer the images even more towards the style we had seen.  I hope these final images, behind-the-scenes and reference photos show you the hard work we put in!

Final Images

Behind The Scenes

Using just a corner of Elle’s room, I set up two simple lights.  In Photoshop itself, quite a lot of work was undertaken to warp, shape and blend the skull and headpiece (using references from Xhanthi’s images).  For the staff elements, you’ll see I merged separate images (a rare gem, and an old museum-stored weapon).

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