Styled Shoot

It’s always nice to know that when planned shoots suddenly take a turn for the worse, there’s always a way round it!

Sam and Marcus, of Portrait X fame, arranged with myself to shoot in a couple of ruins locations in Bedford.  However as the rain and 40mph wind reared their ugly heads, we knew that being exposed to the elements might not be the best bet for what we had in mind.

Well as chance would have it, I had spotted a derelict house (see pictures at the end) on my journey up.  That became our new location 🙂

Our shoot is called ‘Souls Walk Between What Remains’ – we hope you like it:

Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (4)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (2)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (1)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (3)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (5)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (6)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (7)


Behind The Scenes

Here’s the derelict house I stumbled across – what a find!  I’ve also included a few behind-the-scenes photos too:

Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (8)Derelict-House-Photography-Bedford (9)

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