Model Shoot

A couple of months ago, model Kes Wild from Wirrel in Merseyside got in touch to ask if I was able to help her with a Labyrinth-themed shoot.  Having only just re-watched the classic 80’s film again with my daughter, I was pretty excited about this one!

We considered a few maze locations around the UK, and the irony is that I just kept coming back to the idea of shooting at Blenheim Palace’s maze … only 20 minutes down the road from me!  It’s just stunning, and really quite perfect for what we had in mind.

labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (9)

I also planned out a few shots using and duplicating Blenheim’s high walls (ah, the power of post-production!).

We enlisted the help of Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture for Kes’s outfit (a multi-layered tulle petticoat with a ‘Language of Flowers’ corset) , and we really do want to say a huuuuge thanks to Rosie for that.

Final Images:

labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (2)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (5)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (3)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (1)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (4)

Before / After Images:

labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (6)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (7)labyrinth-david-bowie-model-photo-shoot-blenheim-palace (8)

Step by Step Photoshop Post-Production Film:


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