Styled Shoot

A while back I saw a single image of my friends at Valerian Entertainment in their LED outfits, and it immediately sparked ideas for a futuristic-themed shoot.  I simply had to get a model called Fidget involved too – just perfect for the role!

The reality of finding a location, date and time that we could all do was always going to prove somewhat tricky…

I decided the solution then was to shoot in a studio (Eyebox), and for me to challenge myself completely by throwing all characters into composites.  And you can only imaine just how tricky it is to line up each subject’s position, angle, and to also match up lens choice, lighting and colour (see the bottom of this post for a single scene breakdown).

It’s an unanswered story of a chase; but which dimension/time are they from, and who is bad, who is good?  I’ll let you make up your story 🙂

Final Images

Behind The Scenes + Image Breakdown

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