Next 'Film + Edit' Workshop: TBC


Over the last 15 years I have taught thousands of people around the globe (via 1:1, workshops, online).  Which is why this natural progression to creating an all-in-one workshop made total sense.  No matter what your experience (complete beginner, or experienced) you will get the most out of me, as well as gain a unique chance to film and edit your own promo film.  I’ll be editing on the big screen, so you can follow along. You’re in a for a real treat!

Next Workshop

Date/Location/Price: TBC
Note: Refreshments included, but please do bring your own lunch.

Example Workshop Film

Here’s the latest film I created infront of a class of filmmaking students.  It features model Erin Williams.  Each student had plenty of opportunity to film with their own cameras, with continual 1:1 help.

More details

The aim is for you to learn how to best use your camera, settings and equipment to film in any situation. You’ll be able to use filming techniques to film in a variety of styles; cinematic, reportage, run ‘n gun. You’ll start thinking ‘for the edit’; in other words you’ll film in a way that leads to creative and storytelling editing, with a quick and efficient edit workflow. Most of all, you’ll be able to walk into any scenario (fashion, promo, behind the scenes, wedding, live event, corporate) and be able to adapt and think quickly in order to get the best shots.

General Itinerary

Here’s how one of my typical workshop runs:

Arrive: 9:30am – 10am, intros + refreshments.
 Cameras, settings, equipment (inc. lighting and audio), filming techniques (demonstrations and behind the scenes films), filming scenarios and how to deal with them
Lunch: (please bring your own)
Afternoon: Practical/interactive sessions (filming and editing), live editing on the big screen (inc. storytelling, audio enhancing and colour grading), Q+A (inc. business, marketing, career paths)
Finish: Approx 4 / 4:30pm

Includes: Handouts (camera settings, worksheets, quiz, kitlist), links to useful clips and sites.

What to Bring

(Optional) You are welcome to bring any camera you may own, with filming functions (DSLR or mirrorless).  1-2 lenses will be fine, and a tripod or monopod will be handy (esp. if your camera doesn’t have inbuilt stabilisation).

(Optional) If you happen to own a laptop/macbook with Adobe Premiere Pro installed, you’re welcome to follow along as I talk through edit setups and worklows.

Show Your Interest

Simply email and I’ll happily keep you in the loop about upcoming workshops!