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Sheila and Rob, Wedding Highlights Film

I’ve been teaching wedding cinematography for many years now, but a few months ago I came to the realisation that

Oxford Studio Shoot with Augusta and Amy

Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to shoot two models; Augusta Townley and Amy Simpson.  They each had superb

Photoshoots for The Hair and Makeup School, Oct 2017

This year’s shoot with The Hair and Makeup School included 8 fantastic models, who were each given 2 different

IT 2017, Pennywise Photoshoot with Horrify Me

Warning: If clowns, scary teeth, blood, or a guy in a dodgy bald cap just aren’t your thing, please click away

Autumnal Photoshoot with Model Ella Newport

My last outing with model Ella Newport was just so short that I couldn’t wait for this next installment.  This

It’s A Wrap! UK Film Workshop, Oct 2017

Yesterday we delivered a fast-track UK Film Workshop, held at Elmore Court, and what a day it was! We thoroughly

BTS, Adam Bird Photography, feat. Lucy and Lydia Connell

What an unbelievable day working with so many people I admire all under one roof (ok, it was outside, let me off!). 

UK Film Workshop Announcement, 10th Oct 2017

Intro Over the last 10 years I have taught thousands of people around the globe (via 1:1, workshops, online).  Which

Moths of the Attic – Photoshoot

This is now the third fantasy shoot, styled and imagined from the ever-creative mind of Sam (aka Akasha Asylum, of

London Photoshoot with Katie Miller – Part 2 of 2

Following straight on from Part 1, this second hour with Katie Miller (in an AirBnB flat in London) was a chance to

London Photoshoot with Katie Miller – Part 1 of 2

I was over the moon to find out that the one and only Katie Miller was coming to London, as we had both been following

‘Neon Attraction’ Fairground Portraits – Augusta

‘Neon Attraction’, part 3 of 3 – a quick series of portraits taken at a pop-up fairground just where