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Chateau Sisters, Medieval Photoshoot, France

For quite some time now my good friend (and fellow-photographer) Frances Foster had been itching to set up a photo

Corsetry Shoot with Elly and Georgina

It’s not every day you get to work with such stars! Elly Mayday has been on a rollercoaster of a journey in the

Behind The Scenes Film for J’Adore Adorn

A while back now I had a big day out, flying to and from Portugal in a day, to film the behind-the-scenes for

Avant Garde Model Photo Shoot in Oxford

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a small dream team; the delightful Natasha Chick (who I’ve

Oxford Couple Photo Shoot, Sabel and Sarah

My dear friends Sabel and Sarah are leaving the UK tomorrow to go live in Mexico.  So last night (and before they had

Pete and Emma, Wittenham Clumps Wedding

What a day!!  From the second I arrived (met by Frank, the dog), to the moment I left, I loved every single second of

Musician Promo Photography for Tim Light

Tim Light is a rather talented singer and songwriter, and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him 10 years (when I

Model Photo Shoot for Georgia

Georgia’s professionalism and experience in modelling is instantly apparent.  In the short time we had together I

Christine and Matt’s Wedding in Norway

I’m just going to say this immediately … Norway is unbelievably stunning.  One of the most scenic,

Sobell House Nurse Portrait Photos

I’ve been doing quite a bit of charity work recently, but this particular job is one I am glad Sobell House

Fitness Model Photo Shoot with Megan

Brilliant timing meeting Megan – her enthusiasm towards fitness, and finding time to work out, really rubbed off.

Behind the Scenes Film for Lillian Liu Photography

I kept spotting Lillian Liu’s enchanting photos here, there and everywhere.  Her style is so consistent, high-end